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(Tax Refund, Tax Return)
England financial year starts on 6 April and ending on April 5th. 2019/2020 year has started on April 6, 2019 and will end on April 5th. 2020.
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Business Registration (Company Formation)
One of the most popular and safest forms of business organization is an LTD (LTD). Companies doing business in company law.Liquidation or bankruptcy of the directors or shareholders personal assets at risk.

About Baltija Consultancy

Baltija Consultancy Limited offers a range of accounting services to individuals and businesses at an affordable prices.

Over 8 years, our highly trained staff has been there to help you. The company operates as registered and regulated under HM Revenue and
Customs Agents. We can give you advice, help you solve all the financial problems.

Our expertise covers all financial matters from accounting and taxation services to business planning and development, other issues you might have with HM Revenue and Customs in order for you to avoid any penalties or further investigations.

The company is led by experienced, professional Accountant – Consultant, who guarantees complete confidentiality and professional support to all your questions.

The company serves many customers who do not based in London. Distance is not an obstacle for us!

Call, write, and we will help you.